• Operates in widest temperature range (from -40 deg C to +60 deg C)

  • Maintenance FREE and Reliable every day, every shift

  • One charge gives you 7 hour running time

  • You can have short charges multiple times a day. For example charge it for 15 minutes during a break and enhance performance even more without affecting the battery life

  • You can use upto 100% of the battery every day. It has no “memory” usually associated with other battery types

  • Battery for life, meaning this battery lasts >9,000 cycles or >20 years

  • No Diesel, no gas and no maintenance

  • Best ROI of any forklift technology in Australia

  • We have local distributor support near you

  • We have OEM technicians available on call

Industry’s revolutionizing innovation from BYD


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BYD is partly owned by Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway.